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The Invicta Process

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

The majority of our clients are referrals; you may ask why that is important.  We strive to be  trusted and respected by not only our clients, but within the investment world.    What better honor than working with clients that trust and respect us enough to refer us. 

At invicta the client relationship is an ongoing cycle with the advisor, the client and the home office.  It begins with your initial meeting, your advisor will meet with you to review your current financial situation, discuss your investing goals, risk tolerance, and future needs.

Throughout the process of developing a plan, further discussions are held to get to know more succinctly your true goals to ensure development of a clear outline on how to reach them. 

Upon implementation of your financial plan, your advisor will frequently update you on your planning performance.  Periodic meetings will be held with you to review your current situation, to determine any reallocations and re-visit the goals to make sure your planning is on the right track.

At any time during your relationship with Invicta,  the home office staff is available to answer any questions, or assist in any way possible.

The Invicta Process is not advisor-client based only, it is firm wide, we are, and will always be Client Driven.